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Solicitude to Employee

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Runtai Chemical has always attached great importance to the health, safety and welfare of employees, so that our employees get timely and reasonable returns. The company adheres to the principle of "people-oriented" and implements humanization and kinship management.

※ Free work meals and work uniforms.

The company provides all employees with nutritious free working meals; uniforms are all customized tailored by the formal manufacturers of the garment industry.

※ Paid vacation

In addition to the statutory holidays stipulated by the state, employees can also enjoy 5-15 days of paid vacation per year according to the company regulations.

※ Social insurance and provident fund

All formal employees enjoy endowment insurance, medical insurance, serious illness relief, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and reserve fund. In addition, all workers are entitled to accidental injury insurance.

※ High temperature subsidies and labor protection products

We provide high temperature subsidies and labor protection supplies to all employees.

※ Emergency relief payment and industrial injury Consolation Fund

For employees who meet the requirements of the company, the company provides emergency relief payments and industrial injury condolences.

※ Red envelopes and gifts

During the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other important traditional festivals, the company provides red envelopes and holiday gifts for employees.

※ Birthday gifts

On the day of the employee's birthday, the company sends flowers, cakes and blessings to the staff.

※ Daily care

To carry out summer cooling activities, and preventing heatstroke, protecting employees' health rights and interests, our company timely distribute towels, soap, mosquito repellents and other summer supplies, together with cool drinks, mineral water, watermelon to the staff.