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Social welfare

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In the process of self-development, our company takes the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of paying back to society. Through helping education and giving back to the local community, we can make contributions to the welfare and education of the region where we locate, create value for the region and promote regional prosperity and sustainable development.

※ Assist in inspiring education and inspiring educational enthusiasm

Baimi Town Educational Inspiration Association is one of the public welfare projects of our local education which Runtai supports. Its purpose is to encourage Principals, teachers and students with both excellent tuition qualities and learning, and to form a good atmosphere for principals' diligent management, teachers' diligent teaching, students' diligent studying and parents' diligent supervision. In 2013-2014, fifty thousand yuan has been donated to the Baimi Town Educational Inspiration Association.

※ Support area experimental primary school to make education more convenient.

With the support of Chairman Zhang Shiyuan, Runtai Chemicals donated three cameras and printers to Kanghua Campus of Jiangyan Experimental Primary School in 2014, which worth RMB 5000 in total. These cameras and printers will be used in daily teaching work to bring more convenience for the tuition.