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Runtai Chemical has always advocated humanized management, always adhered to the concept of "respecting, cultivating and achieving people", adhered to the concept innovation, system innovation, and created a "fair, just and open" atmosphere for the growth and competition of the talents.
1. A good judge of talents
We pay attention to real talents and keep in line with the principle of "make the best use of things and make the best use of people", we allocate every employee go to the right position, and provide employees with a stage to fully display their talents and realize their personal value.
2. Runtai Chemical has always attached great importance to the cultivation of talents, most of the middle and high-level leaders were selected from the internal promotion. We have good staff stability and integrated a strong, wise, progressive, dedicated, loyal, diligent, honest and self-disciplined elite team.
3. Employees grow together with enterprises.
Knowledge creates opportunities and education promotes development. In order to promote employees to grow with the enterprise, Runtai Chemical has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in the education and training of employees. The education and training adopted the perennial systematic management, and carries out products, technology, operation, quality system, marketing and management tuitions for all employees of the company by means of internal invitation, external recruitment and delivery training.
In recent years, senior managers and engineers of Runtai Chemical have gone to Europe to study and investigate, and have been invited to attend many industry conferences.
In order to help employees to realize their personal value, Runtai Chemical regularly provides systematic training for employees to ensure that employees keep pace with the company.
In Runtai, efforts will be rewarded. Here we offer unlimited growth and unlimited future for you!