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Chairman of Runtai Co., Ltd. was elected as the first president of Taizhou Alumni Association of Huashang College

Runtai shares news Confucianism, Suguan Huainan, Wutiandi wisdom, pedestrians on the right path, November 1, 2017, Huashang College Taizhou Alumni Association was born in the beautiful Xiangtai State (Taizhou), Chairman of Runtai Co., Ltd. Zhang Shiyuan was elected as the first president of the Taizhou Alumni Association. Taizhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice President Yu Yong, Jiang Shu District Federation of Industry and Commerce Li Shuji, Huashang Academy Su Huzhen, Hong Kong and Macao and other regional alumni associations and more than 300 outstanding entrepreneurs in Taizhou witnessed the unprecedented launch of the Taizhou Alumni Association grand occasion.