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Zhang Xiaobing, deputy mayor of Taizhou City, visited Runtai Co., Ltd. to inspect safety production work

Runtai Stock News On October 17, on the eve of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Zhang Xiaobing, deputy mayor of Taizhou City, Gu Pengcheng, deputy head of Jiangyan District, Sun Daming, director of the development zone, and Jin Feng, deputy director, met with Taizhou. The City and Jiangyan District Economic and Information Committee, Safety Supervision Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau and other departments came to Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd. to conduct research and inspection on the company's production and operation status and safety production management. Zhang Shiyuan, the chairman of the company, and Zhang Chunjiang, the deputy general manager, participated in the reception.