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R&D Center

Excellent R&D Center

Runtai chemical technology center is one of the top three paint additives technical centers in jiangsu province in terms of research and development strength, sound organizational structure and clear division of labor. In terms of product R&D, Runtai Chemical adheres to the concept of "production generation, development generation, design generation and conception generation", making the scientific research and technology level of the company at the forefront of the industry, and has obtained a number of internationally advanced scientific research achievements and national invention patents.
In 2012, Taizhou paint auxiliaries engineering research center was established with Yangzhou University, a famous university in China. The center now has 2 doctoral supervisors, 3 master supervisors, more than 10 professors and associate professors, more than 10 doctoral candidates, and more than 40 master candidates. Long-term cooperation with Shanghai East China university of science and Technology and Yangzhou university in production, study and research, we established additives R&D center in Taizhou.

Now the experimental centers and bases which are established include:

Yangzhou University, Runtai Chemical Paint additives R&D center.
Yangzhou University graduate workstation.
Graduate school training base.
Taizhou paint additives R&D center.
Jiangsu Province private enterprises R&D center.
Taizhou jiangyan district enterprise R&D center.

Technical devices

Advanced Technical Inspection facilities

As an advanced technology enterprise, Runtai Chemical R&D center has domestic advanced laboratory, equipped with advanced technology and equipments, to modernize the overall analysis of products, the equipment are as follows: Gas Chromatograph, Plasma Emission Spectrometer, full range of shear rheometer and scanning electron microscope, resistance to salt fog test instrument, constant temperature and humidity box, artificial climate instrument, MFFT meter etc., which is among the most complete additives manufacturers in testing equipment.

Technical strength

Excellent technical research and development team

Runtai Chemical is a hightech enterprise gathering production, learning and research. General Manager Yu Ning is responsible for the technical center and comprehensive technical guidance. Engineer Wang, a senior expert in the first batch of research and development of Alcohol Ester 12 team members in China, serves as the overall product. The chief engineer of the company was introduced, and the technical engineers of the domestic coatings company were introduced as the practical application of the products. The huge scientific research team and technical team with the backbone of the domestic industry were formed. The company actively cooperates with external organizations in horizontal technology, and employs members of the Coating Research Institute as the company's technical consultants. It has extensively carried out horizontal integration of “production, learning and research” with many research institutes such as Yangzhou University, Shanghai Engineering and Technology, and East China University of Science and Technology. Always grasp the international scientific research achievements and technological trends, and integrate with international technical information.

Quality Control

Runtai Chemical ensures optimized operation management in each production process

Raw material- strict supplier selection: each batch of raw material will be tested by QC, only those materials which meet our high standard will be put into production.
Production Process-real-time monitor to ensure quality of finished product
Product final inspection- final inspection is carried out for all batches. Only qualified products will be packaged and ready for deliveries.