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Strategic goals for the next five years (2018-2022)

First: Make a small company into a big company, and make a big company into a company of everyone!?Realize the successful listing of IPOs;

Second: the company's performance has doubled in three years and quadrupled in five years.?(ie, reaching 1 billion in 2020; reaching 2 billion in 2022);

Third: Accelerate capital operation, have mergers and acquisitions or investment in related enterprises, and build three major production bases at home and abroad.?(Taixing, Nantong, United Arab Emirates);

Fourth: Stabilizing the center, forming two wings and developing together.?(Center: Waterborne Coatings Industry; Two Wings: Plasticizer Industry, Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry);

Fifth: Achieve marketing "4-0-0" plan.?which is:

Achieve the use of Runtai products in 100 countries around the world;

Achieve the establishment of 100 quality agents worldwide;

Realize more than 80% of top-100 Global Coatings using Runtai products;

Realize more than 80% of top-100 domestic coatings using Runtai products.

Strategic goals for the next 10 years (2018-2027)

First, achieve the "1, 3, 5" goals

The sales revenue plan for the next ten years (2018-2027) will be from 1 billion to 3 billion to 5 billion;

Second, achieve the goal of "hundred thousand billion"??

Realization in the next decade: all employees hold shares, employees become millionaires; middle-levels become multi-millionaires; executives become billionaires;

Third, achieve professional and serial development.

Runtai long-term strategic goal

Consolidate the team, advocate culture, build brand, and strive to be one of the top-100 enterprises in the global chemical industry.